Get to Know Your Hot Water Heater Contractor/Retailer

clarity water heatersLet’s take this one step at a time.

CLARITY by ClimateCare is our hot water heater ownership program.

ClimateCare is an Ontario-wide cooperative of 34 heating and cooling contractor/retailers. By teaming up, we can offer pricing better than the big utilities and maintain our local approach to service.

With ClimateCare, you get the best service and best price while supporting a local neighbourhood business.

What is CLARITY by ClimateCare?

With millions of man-hours experience in the heating and cooling industry, it’s clear to us our customers can get significantly better value from owning their hot water heater than renting. But in Ontario, we’re entrenched in a water heater rental culture. It’s the way most Ontario home owners have always done it, and it’s hard to break the habit.

Many who purchase hot water heaters turn to the big box stores, where they can purchase the hot water tank, but miss out on installation, maintenance, 24/7 service and expertise.

CLARITY by ClimateCare is our attempt to show consumers there’s a better way to do things. A way to spend less but get more. A way to take control of the money you spend and how your essential home appliances are maintained.

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Find your local ClimateCare contractor/retailer here and get in touch. You can find answers to most of your questions on our website, but sometimes it’s better to talk to a real person at a Canadian company who is a member of your local community.

We’re here to help. Give us a call today and get some CLARITY by ClimateCare.